Single Let

Benefits of Single Let

Generally, single let refers to a property let to a single party. However, a single Let doesn’t necessarily mean just one person, but one ‘tenancy’ where you will typically have an individual, couple or family in one agreement together.

A single let is perfect for those wanting a generally low maintenance, less hassle and simpler investment plan. There is generally less time and work involved in sourcing and managing the tenant, but very often it will typically have a lower return and yield.

We would usually recommend a two + bedroom property for a single let, as a one-bed can be harder to re-sell, so you could limit your exit strategy.

Also from a rental perspective, you may find properties with gardens will have tenants staying for longer as they are able to ‘grow’ into the property and won’t feel stifled like they might in a terrace with a small rear yard.

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